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Dog Vitamins – Which ones does your pet need?

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The ideal feed is an essential factor to ensure good health for your dog, this is nothing new. But you know the different types of vitamins for dogs and what does your dog need? Then find out here!

The vitamin is a micronutrient needed in everyday life. Micronutrients are the necessary nutrients in micrograms, such as vitamins for dogs in rations. Protein and carbohydrate, for example, are macronutrients, as they must appear in large quantities in the dog’s daily diet.

The term “vitamin” came up with the invention of Casimir Funk, a biochemist who was trying to produce something that would make up for the lack of an essential element in the meal of people who ate a large daily base of rice, and developed a disease. He invented this missing element and called it a vitamin.

Types of vitamins for dogs

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