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The term stray dog, unfortunately, continues to have its evident translation in many, many streets in the city throughout Brazil, where it is not at all difficult to find abandoned, sick and careless dogs.

Fortunately, on the other hand, more and more people and groups focus their attention on actions to give more comfort and health to the ignored and lonely pets, trying to leave as an example of Ownerless dog only the NGO that uses that name in the fight for the protection of animals.

Different adoption centers for animals such as dogs and cats can be found in all parts of the country, and those who want to make a difference in the fight against the abandonment of dogs can find a new friend through these places, and today, even people who have no connection with NGOs or adoption centers can already help to take the animals off the streets.

Social networks, for example, can already be cited among the most effective and practical ways to find a new home for an abandoned animal. Bearing in mind that sharing posts on sites such as Facebook and Twitter can reach hundreds of people, it is possible to draw the attention of those interested in adopting pets through these tools, and even find the owner of one. stray dog lost on the street.

Along with this, the creation of special shelters for the rescue of sick and abandoned dogs has grown over the last decade, which ends up giving more chances for the recovery of animals, which are a little closer to finding a new home with this type of work.

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Currently, most of these shelters already perform a temperament assessment on the dogs collected to increase the chances of finding an owner who can care for and care for them. However, the love of those responsible for shelters for dogs is such that, in many cases, the only investment and care for the rescued animals is on their own, who do not stop fighting in search of a better life for the animals than one day were stray dog. Also read about abandoned dogs.

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