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Dog World – How they see the world

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You may have already wondered how your dog works, if he thinks about some attitudes he does (like, for example, barking at the TV when he sees another animal), if he understands you, how he recognizes his name, then here here are some tips for you to see how interesting the dog world can be.

Contrary to what they think, dogs can see colors, it is true that not as well as humans, but they do. The difference is that in their view, colors are not as vivid and they cannot distinguish as many colors as humans. They also see better than we do in the dark and are able to see moving objects rather than standing still. We bet you didn’t know that part of world of dogs and that it looks much more interesting now!

You who have a puppy should be alerted: they have some difficulty in controlling their bladder until about four months, so don’t worry about pee in prohibited places, this will pass with time (if you taught it right where it is) needs). It is part of their growth, humans also go through it. This, in fact, is different for them than for us: at one year of age, they are already physically mature as if they were about fifteen years old in human age.

The dog’s age, on average, is already compared to the human age. There are other ways to find out how old they are about our calendar. Some white or gray hair on his face and face may indicate that he is already a respectable gentleman, other indications such as opaque eyes and teeth, which start white when they are small, start to turn yellow after the first year of age and the tartar will only increase over the years.

We have similarities to our world in dog world also in terms of health – or lack thereof – dogs can also have diseases like arthritis, heart and kidney problems, cataracts, cancer, diabetes, depression and many others, so always keep an eye on, especially when your best four-legged friend is already an elderly pet.

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The size and weight of the dog also indicates how old he will live, approximately. The little ones have more longevity than the big ones, but that is not a rule. Dogs, in general, live between ten and fifteen years.

Another curiosity about growth: when puppies, they also sleep a lot, like babies, about 90% of their time is spent sleeping. Further proof that the dogs life it is very interesting: when they have poor digestion, gases or the like, they eat grass to force the vomit or the gases to thus “get rid” of the problem.

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