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Dogs and Babies – Living Tips

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There are many people who find it extremely inappropriate that dogs and babies share the same home, mainly because of bacteria and possible diseases, find it more appropriate to have a puppy when the child is a little older, is already walking, but it is possible to have dogs and babies at home.

Pros and Cons of this coexistence

Some feel that due to the fact that the baby is extremely vulnerable to any type of germ and bacteria, as its immune system is still forming, leaving the baby exposed to physical contact with a dog can be very dangerous. It is wrong, know that it is the exact opposite of that.

A study by the Kuopio University Hospital in Finland found that babies who live with dogs at home mature the immune system faster, exactly because the dog has germs and bacteria in its coat, but contrary to popular belief, this helps the baby’s defense system to develop faster. Babies living with dogs are 44% less likely to have ear infections and 29% less likely to need antibiotics.

Dogs also need adaptation

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The dog also needs to be prepared for the baby’s arrival. It is not possible to keep the dog in a corner so that it does not get close to the baby and prohibit entry into the house. If your dog is used to having access to rooms in the house and having his daily attention, you will not be able to change that.

Months before the baby’s arrival, changes are required. If you are going to prohibit him from entering the baby’s room, you must restrict your access months before he gets used to it and understands. Changes and adaptations in the dog’s routine should be made gradually.

You need to prepare it when the new baby arrives from the house, as dogs and babies can and should even live together. It is healthy, it is indicated, it is fun and it is more love in your home.

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