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Dogs from Brazil – The most famous Brazilian breeds

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We have the stereotypes of Brazilian football, carnival, but what about dogs in Brazil? One of the best known Brazilian breeds is the Brazilian queue, widely used as guard dogs, which has as part of its origin the history of Brazilian colonization, when Europeans brought their dogs and, in a mixture of several other breeds such as English mastiff, bulldogs and blood hounds came the Brazilian queue. This was the first breed recognized as Brazilian by the FCI (Federation Cinelógica Internacional), in 1940. As a genuinely Brazilian dog.

Some other breeds are Brazilian bull-mastiff, bullbras, Brazilian dogue, Brazilian hound, gaucho sheep, mantiqueira shepherd, Brazilian tracker, Brazilian terrier (known as fox paulistinha), catarinense, national, pampeano and paulista veadeiro. But, despite so many known among Brazilian society, only three are entitled breeds of dogs from Brazil internationally recognized: Brazilian queue, Brazilian terrier and Brazilian tracker.

The Brazilian tracker was the second breed recognized internationally by the FCI, in 1967, but less than ten years later, it was declared extinct and the recognition was revoked. Aranha Filho, a breeder of the breed, had already donated some puppies of the breed before an epidemic put it in extinction, so there are still some Brazilian trackers scattered throughout the country.

And just like the Brazilian terrier, they also go by other names like Cachorro Onceior, Pantaneiro, Americano, etc. Its origin is from a mixture of several breeds such as Pampean deer, American foxhound, American blue tick hound, black and tan coonhound and petit bleu de gascogne are some of the nominees for the DNA’s creators. Brazilian dog.

The Brazilian terrier, as the most common in the state of São Paulo, was nicknamed and is better known as fox paulistinha. This breed comes from the mix of breeds like jack russel terrier, fox terrier and parson russel terrier. Although it has existed for a long time in our lands, the Brazilian terrier was only recognized with one of the dog breeds in Brazil in 1996.

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The FCI requires certain factors about the breed before recognition. Details such as control or absence of genetic problems and the minimum number of homogeneous specimens without close kinship.

In addition, the love between Brazilians and dogs leaves us as one of the countries with the most pet dogs, there are more than 90 million in Brazilian homes, among adopted and purchased dogs. Apart from the races mentioned in the text as internationally recognized, there are so many others with the same green and yellow football and carnival DNA out there, but not yet recognized by the International Federation of Cinofilía (FCI). A great example of this are the mongrel dogs, which do not have a defined breed and come from different mixes, but are the favorite options of dog owners around here.

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