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Dressage Clicker – Teaching intelligently

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Available on the pet market in different versions of style and size, the dresser clicker is, today, one of the most used and efficient tools for training animals. Popular with professional trainers and pet owners who practice the most basic teaching techniques for dogs, the product has proven efficiency in the dog’s learning process.

Currently, the dressage clicker it is used both in the process of teaching commands and rules for pets, as well as training animals that are preparing to participate in competitions in the canine world, such as the Canine Freestyle – which consists of presentations of dogs with their owners, with dance combinations and tricks.

Used to give instructions and indicate good behaviors with precision, the clicker is fundamental in the process of training many more distracted dogs that, with its help, can capture commands in a more simple and practical way.

Although many still opt for other noise-making products to help train dogs, the clicker it still remains as the most popular instrument in this respect; since, with its use, the risks of scaring animals during training are almost zero, or that their hearing is impaired by very loud noises.

Below, learn a little more about the operation and the advantages that the clicker for training can bring, and understand why this small and simple instrument can help so much in the learning processes of the most diverse types of animals.

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