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Fattest Cat in the World

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It is no joke, after the death of his predecessors, SpongeBob and Meow, the new fattest cat in the world is American and, in addition, he is the namesake of the most beloved and known lazy cat in the world, Garfield.

Coincidence or not, the youngest crowned as fattest cat in the world weighs a little more than an impressive 18 kilos, more than 3 over what the former record holder weighed. He is being treated at a veterinary clinic called the North Shore Animal League of America, which is in the city of Port Washington, in the state of New York, after the death of its former owner.

Despite the record, the veterinarians responsible for the health of the cat devised a diet so that it loses around 1kg per month while waiting to be adopted by a new family, even if they say that it eats everything in front of it, as well as its drawing partner animated.

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Still according to the veterinarians, Garfield is healthy and his only problem is being overweight, which makes it difficult for him to walk around and, consequently, that he can get on and off sofas or any other furniture like cats usually do. Despite this, the clinic warns that the post of fattest cat in the world it shouldn’t be something that pet owners should aim for their felines, since it can cause heart and bone problems, and even heat intolerance can occur due to the large amount of fat in their body, which already causes their temperature remains high and makes heat loss difficult.

To lose weight, in addition to the special diet, Garfield is encouraged to exercise through games or even being removed from where he was and placed in another location, only to have to walk back to where he was and thus spend his energy.

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