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Fruits for Cats – Can you ?!

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Many owners tend to adhere to their pet’s diet some foods that they themselves consume, such as fruits, vegetables and sweets. However, care should be taken with what your pet eats, and one of these precautions is in the area of ​​fruit for cats.

Cats are carnivorous animals, which are based on fresh protein, the necessary for their nutrition is in fish, chickens and red meat. Another type of food is not necessary in your diet, and some are even dangerous. Owners usually give fruits for cats as appetizers or even mix them in your feed, with the illusion that they are adding nutrients to your pet’s food. Be very careful with that!

Fruits make cats fat!

Just as sweets do not add anything good to our bodies, fruits do not add to cats. On the contrary, the feeling of satiety that gives after eating these foods disrupts the ideal diet of the pussy, which ends up with less protein than it should.

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