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Funny Dogs – Fun Videos and Photos from the Internet

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Who can resist funny dogs? The videos of dogs that make fun and mess in curious and funny situations are one of the types of videos most accessed on the internet, which make them quickly popular.

Those funny dogs they are also present in commercials for canine products, films about dogs and series as well. Talented with his grace and resourcefulness win the audience, which melts with cuteness. This proves how talented and funny dogs can be without even wanting to.

Many dogs are trained to be funny and charismatic, others show that they have natural talent, others are funny just because of their appearance, like dogs considered “ugly”, but that’s what makes them funny.

On a daily basis, funny dogs do their jokes to get the attention of their owners, they roll around, make pity faces, bite objects, bark, run, try to bite their own tail and sleep in hilarious positions. The clumsy dogs they are naturally funny, true comedians.

The dog of the bull terrier breed of the English singer Lily Allen, has a funny expression and with her strength takes the singer for a walk, Lily was desperate when a van kidnapped the dog in London, but was soon recovered to the singer’s joy. Increasingly, personalities have introduced their puppies to the public, making pets themselves celebrities.

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Another example is Belinha, a puppy from Ana Maria Braga, who already has a fan page on facebook with more than 47000 fans.

No matter the size or breed of the dog, everyone can be funny and provide us with moments of great laughter, which most enchants us funny dogs is that they do it naturally, without malice which makes each game even more attractive and funny.

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