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Garlic: risks x health benefits for the pet

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You may have heard of the many health benefits that garlic can bring: it helps eliminate toxins, has a germicidal action and stimulates the immune system. It also improves blood circulation and helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels in the body. But can I offer garlic to my pet? Follow the information below to better understand this topic! Many people talk about the risks of eating garlic for dogs and cats. And, really, there is some discussion in the scientific community about the toxicity of garlic to animals. The risk of garlic for pets is related to the destruction of red blood cells (hemolytic anemia) and, in more severe cases, kidney failure. However, it has been proven that what causes toxicity is the dose, that is, the amount of garlic supplied to the pet according to its weight. We explain it better: offering garlic without the necessary care for the pet can be harmful, yes. Now, if you can count on the guidance of a veterinarian, this ingredient can be very powerful for your furry’s health. Scientific evidence To understand the real risks and benefits of garlic for pets, we recommend reading the following scientific articles. This is important for the tutor to understand that there is scientific support for this information, based on studies. Article 1: Hematologic changes associated with the appearance of eccentrocytes after intragastric administration of garlic extract to dogs This article, for example, assesses the risk of developing hemolytic anemia in dogs and was carried out at an American university. In short, in the study, even dogs that received very high doses of garlic (the equivalent of 20 garlic cloves for an 18kg dog), did not develop the disease. Article 2: Hidden dangers in the kitchen: common food toxics for dogs and cats This article shows that “most poisonings are attributed to a single accidental episode of raw onion or food containing onion or garlic. The toxic dose found is as low as 5g / kg in cats and 15g / kg in dogs ”. In other words, most cats (weighing around 4 kg) would have to ingest 20g of garlic to manifest any symptoms, with 20g of garlic more than three whole garlic cloves. Article 3: Busted: Internet Myths and Rumors Part II According to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), for a 13kg dog, it would take about 11 cloves of fresh garlic to cause damage to the animal. If the use of garlic in pet products was really toxic, there would be no formulations based on these ingredients developed especially for pets in the United States. How to offer garlic benefits safely? In ready supplements! Supplements contain bioactive compounds presented in tablets, powder, tablets or toothpicks. They are the most “interesting” part of the food, in ideal therapeutic doses for pets. In addition, supplements are safer. They can be given daily, without losing the effect or causing addiction. In the formulas of Botica Pets, the amount of garlic present is extremely low. In low doses, garlic is very beneficial for health, be it for us, dogs or cats. It stimulates the lymphatic system, increases immunity and stimulates the production of lymphocytes (defense cells of the body). Do you want to know more about Botica Pets’ formulas? Access here!

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