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Gato Preto – Is it really bad luck?

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Ihhhh, did you break the mirror? Did you forget it was Friday the 13th and went under the stairs? Shouldn’t you have even left the house and your day will be like that? Or is this a human condition of always having something or someone to transfer the blame for failures, mistakes or mistakes? Do we really have to continue to reinforce the old idea that a black cat has a bad omen?

Surely you’ve heard some superstitious person say that the black cat it’s bad luck. But do you believe that? What do you think about this story? Is it possible that a cat so small and so affectionate can bring any kind of bad luck? Where does this old, light-hearted story come from, that black kittens bring bad luck? Where, then, is this fame (bad fame) coming from? And do these ill-treatment continue in some way?

Well … We can agree on one thing! This story that black Cats bad luck is not today! And it seems that, fortunately, from the middle ages to the present day (there are many years of prejudice going on) that story has changed, and it has changed for the better. Ufa! But, don’t you think that in the 21st century there is no violence against these cute cats, no! Well, they still exist, unfortunately, we must face up front against any discriminatory action and try to understand where this tragic story against black cats comes from.

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