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Golden Retriever – Large dog breeds

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This face that inspires serenity, confidence and friendliness has led many advertisers to use the Golden Retriever in their ads. Originally a hunter, the Golden Retriever became a companion dog and one of the most popular breeds, also being used as a guide dog or to detect drugs and explosives.

O Golden retriever it is a balanced dog, which does not like to be noticed. Because of his hunting ancestors, he loves water and long runs in open spaces and lawns. It is a sweet, caring, friendly, confident and easy-to-train dog. He is smart and cares about everything he does, so his education must be carried out sensitively and early on. He loves to learn, reacts well to training and is always ready for work.

It is a large dog with a well built body. Their height is around 56 to 61 cm when they are male and from 51 to 56 cm when they are female. Its ideal weight can vary between 28 and 31.5 Kg. It has strong members, elegant size and is muscular. Its fur can be smooth or wavy, thick undercoat, with shades and fringes of colors ranging from cream to gold.

Although the Golden retriever it is perfectly suited for family life, loves running and it is essential to take it daily. It is a dog that always needs to be active and busy. It is also a breed of dog known for the excessive loss of hair and, therefore, it must be brushed daily. As in many other dog breeds, Coxofemural Dysplasia is common in Golden Retrievers. It is a dog with many congenital diseases, such as eye problems, hypothyroidism and diabetes mellitus.

The breed began to be used as a hunting finder in the 19th century and after many crosses, in the year 1884, the breed was born just as we know it today. Despite being a hunter, the elegance of the Golden retriever made it soon adopted as a pet.

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