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Among the most varied human technologies adapted for our four-legged friends is Google Glass for dogs. The Georgia Institute of Technology team and one of the key figures responsible for creating Google Glass, Thad Starner, are working on this project.

O Google Glass for dogs comes from the concept of wearable tech, that is, technology that can be worn, worn on the body. The project called FIDO in English, Facilitating Interactions for Dogs with Occupations, aims to use the technology of Google Glass with the aim of allowing dogs to communicate clearly with their owners.

The Google Glass technology for dogs will work as follows: dogs will be able to activate a sensor attached to the collar and that sensor transmits a verbal command to the owner, the command can be received by the headset or by an image sent by the device.

Why will Google Glass be adapted for dogs?

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First, the technology of Google Glass for dogs was tested on guide dogs, and it was a success as a result, the dogs quickly learned to activate the sensor. Since the guide dog helps a person with some kind of disability, in the case of the visually impaired, the technology will be a giant step towards advancing inclusion and facilitating life, because using the device based on Google Glass, the dog can do the sensor sends a verbal command to the owner warning about dangers that the dog is seeing where they are walking.

Subsequently, the FIDO project wants to use Google Glass technology in working dogs, such as police dogs. The goal is the same as the target dogs. Rescue dogs, for example, will be able to send an image of the object or person found to the rest of the team.

Although, initially, the Google Glass for dogs be developed for professional purposes, in the future those responsible for the idea want to expand the use of this technology. They hope that the dog can notify the owner when he is hungry or wants to go out to pee, for example. It will no longer be necessary to try to interpret the barking.

It is important to note that the idea is to build on Google Glass developed for us humans and create this device that will be used on dogs. Google Glass technology is being used as the basis for the project, Google creating a version of its product for our four-legged friends!

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