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Guide for Dogs – Types and uses

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When it comes to guide dogs, there are many doubts, from how to get the dog used to what kind of guide is right. To decide the perfect guide for the dog, you need to understand what the needs are and what relationship the dog has with the guide.

Before deciding to guide for dogs, the owner must know how accustomed to using a guide the puppy is. It doesn’t matter if the dog is older or a puppy, if he is not used to the leash, he will need training.

The best thing is to get him used to the collar first, so he doesn’t try to take it off with his teeth. This may take a while, but the dog gets used to the accessory. Then, the owner can try to put the leash on the collar and let the dog walk around and play with it, so that he gets used to the presence of the leash.

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