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I just bought a puppy. How do you know what he can eat? Dog food is a widely discussed topic. In the past, the basis of dog food came from food scraps and as our grandparents used to say: “they never hurt”. However, we know that it is not only for dogs, but also for humans, that a balanced diet is crucial for their good development and also for the maintenance of a healthy life.

Dog food was developed exactly because of the difficulty of making a balanced diet for dogs. At dog food it is important to always use dog food because it is created with many positive points: it facilitates food balance in a practical way and at low cost.

Types of dog food

Dog food is divided into 4 groups. These are classified according to their components and, consequently, their degree of digestibility, that is, how much the dog will take advantage of the components of the feed.

Popular dog food are the most affordable, provide incomplete food for dogs. It’s like eating porridge every day, you don’t starve, but you don’t have adequate nutrition.

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Standards dog food are the commercial calls. With strong publicity in the media, they are the leaders in sales. The flagship of major brands has a superior quality compared to popular ones. They provide good food for dogs, but not yet completely balanced for the dog.

Premium dog food they are a more complete type. Promotes balanced nutrition. It is just not the most complete due to the difference in the quality of the components and the quantity of certain nutrients that provide the complete maintenance of the dog’s health. Making a quick analogy: it’s like eating rice, beans and steak.

Super Premium dog food they really are a quality feed version: complete and balanced. A food considered super premium has good quality nutrients in a pre-determined quantity, guaranteeing the quality of your pet’s health. It is like strictly following the diet of a nutritionist, only with the convenience of coming in packages.

Complementary foods to dog food

In order not to limit your pet to just enjoying a food option, dog food can be supplemented with some foods that dogs can eat. And others that don’t.

The foods that dogs can eat are rice (always without the seasoning), non-acidic fruits like melon, papaya, watermelon, blueberry and bananas, as well as vegetables like potatoes and carrots. Finally, meats (always cooked and without seasoning) such as skinless and boneless chicken, fish fillets, pork, turkey and lamb. It is always important to choose parts of fat-free meat when including these components in dog food.

The foods that dogs cannot eat are, starting with the biggest villain in the dog’s health, chocolate. This sweet so ingested by humans, when given as food to dogs, is highly toxic and can cause poisoning with important liver damage. In addition to other foods such as coffee, sugar, onion, macadamia, raw egg, raisin and avocado.

Remember that even foods that all dog breeds can eat should be given in moderate amounts. Feeding dogs with these foods in excess can cause obesity, since the animal already makes a complete feeding with the feed. If you want to provide a feed without food, consisting only of food, the ideal is always to consult a veterinarian for the correct calculation in relation to the weight and health condition of your pet.

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ATTENTION: This content is for information only and does not replace consultation with a veterinarian or specialized service. Find a supplier near your home.

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