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Homemade Cat Food – Recipes to make at home

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Most people who have cats know that they are very selective when it comes to eating, many cats are intolerant or just don’t like most of the rations that we find today in petshops, even so, we must worry that they have a diet healthy. In this article, we have separated some homemade cat food recipes, respecting the nutritional balance we need to ensure in their food.

When we talk about homemade cat food, naturally we think of baby food, porridge based on oats and corn starch, and even ground meat, right? These foods may seem appetizing at first, but they are not necessarily nutritious for cats, especially kittens. Cats love milk, especially cows, but we cannot let them drink milk in large quantities, this habit can cause your cat to have diarrhea, and this can cause it to lose many nutrients, even becoming dehydrated.

Natural and homemade food can be very important in curing ailments and diseases of cats. Homemade diets can help in cases of malnutrition, scabies, intolerance to certain ingredients and even bad breath, but caution is needed when administering this type of diet.

Below are some interesting homemade recipes to give your kitten

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