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Homemade Dog Food – Can you?

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Most owners have a routine of putting certain feed measures for their dogs every day. The measurements and type of feed depend on several factors such as the size of the dog, breed, etc. And one of the options, in addition to the rations, are homemade food for dogs.

Yes, the food the owner eats can also be given to the dogs, but pay close attention to several factors before serving the dog rice and beans! It is always important to have a veterinarian to see which diet homemade dog food fits better.

There is also always the question: can dogs eat raw food or not?

The question is the same as human beings already know, raw food like meat can contain bacteria and these can make the dog sick. From the time when they were not domesticated and had to hunt to live today, their digestive system has changed, as has their condition from wild to domesticated, so they are more sensitive, they cannot eat anything and in any quantity.

When they eat homemade dog food, natural and fresh products, the animal’s health can improve, the hairs are shinier, digestion is better, etc. In the animals’ diet, there are some tips that even combine a little with that of the owners, such as: they cannot eat many processed products and carbohydrates. The animals’ diet should contain more meat (cooked).

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The quantity must also be another point known to the owners who want to give homemade food for pets. Animals cannot eat the same amount as their owner, their diet must be calculated on the ideal weight of the dog. Up to 5 kg, only 4% of his weight should be the amount of homemade food. From 5 to 15 kg, 3.5% of the weight is the ideal amount, from 15% to 25% is 3% and above 25 kg only 2.5% is necessary.

If the dog is already used to eating feed, the switch to homemade dog food should happen slowly, little by little. Put some homemade food and then increase it until the numbers mentioned above. If the dog begins to gain weight, decrease the amount slightly.

In addition to the weight factor, the age of the dog, whether they are neutered or not, whether they are sedentary or more active, all this influences the calculation of the quantity. An active dog spends a lot more energy, so it may need a greater amount of homemade food. Likewise, a neutered dog usually has an easier time gaining weight, so he should have a smaller, more careful diet.

Not all vegetables, fruits and vegetables that animals can eat, but most of them are good for the digestion and health of the dog, one should only do research before on the best options and consult a veterinarian to have a professional opinion .

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ATTENTION: This content is for information only and does not replace consultation with a veterinarian or specialized service. Find a supplier near your home.

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