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A big problem for pet owners is what to do with them when traveling, especially if it is not possible to take the pet along. It is not a novelty that there are hotels for dogs, which are more friendly and open to change than cats. Despite this, it is already possible to find a hotel for cats that have all the infrastructure and special treatment to make the pussies’ stay as comfortable as it would be if they were at home.

When choosing one hotel for cats it is important to visit the place, see how the animals are treated there, if the place offers everything it says and the price. In addition, it is important to remember that your cat needs to be comfortable and that he needs his things at the hotel, so it is advisable to take your bed, pet food and your favorite toys along with the cat, so that you can be more comfortable during the stay. The same applies to hotels for dogs.

Especially for cats, who can escape, it is important to check if the hotels have a leisure area for the pussies and if they are well fenced, after all nobody wants your cat to be trapped in a cage while traveling. There are nowadays hotels that are specialized only for cats, guaranteeing special treatment and comfort for them.

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Hotel for cats X Petsitting

For those who have never heard, petsitting is nothing more than a babysitting service for your pet (term comes from the English babysitting), where the person is hired for a period of a few hours a day, going to your house and taking care of your pet, playing, giving food and water, maintaining hygiene and checking that everything is fine in general. In some cases there is even the possibility of hiring the person to spend the night at the place taking care of the pet. The advantage of this service is not having to remove your cat from its routine environment, however it is not always possible to check at these times the real condition of the pet that spends all day alone, if he is not stressed or with any health problem, in addition of being a stranger to the cat.

The great advantage of the hotels is exactly the full-time care, with play areas with toys and scratching posts, individual and generally air-conditioned rooms, with veterinarians on hand to meet any cat need, everything to make the cat comfortable and the owner quiet.

To be able to leave your cat in a hotel for cats it is necessary to present a vaccination card up to date, medical certificates saying that the cat is healthy and if he has any special needs, in addition to the telephone number to contact the owner in case of an emergency.

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ATTENTION: This content is for information only and does not replace consultation with a veterinarian or specialized service. Find a supplier near your home.

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