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House cleaning and pets: what are the cares?

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Keep the environment clean when you have a pet at home it’s very important. However, some precautions are important, since cats and dogs can be intoxicated by cleaning products. Most animals are extremely sensitive and, at the same time, curious.

Chlorine and bleach, two products very present in the cleaning routine of many homes, are some of the ones that most commonly cause damage to pets such as vomiting, dizziness, salivation and diarrhea. Other substances that may be present in some cleaning products are: boric acid, sodium peroxide, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, sodium silicate, calcium oxide, ammonia, among others.

How to avoid poisoning the fur?

The tip is to store all products in tight spaces to prevent the pet from having access. In addition, running water can be passed to remove product residues and prevent the pet from end up licking in environments where the animal has access.

In the case of cats, the guideline is never to leave any type of product within reach of the cat, avoiding keeping cleaning products in cabinets that they can open, as some may drop the bottles.

Know what to do in case of poisoning

In case of suspected poisoning, the advice is to take the pet immediately to the veterinarian. It is important to inform the professional who will provide the service, if possible, the product ingested by the animal. This will facilitate first aid and treatment (including taking the packaging or label). It is also important that the guardian never try, in a homemade way, to induce the animal to vomit or use another method of cure, in order to avoid aggravating the situation.

Now, if the product is in the pet’s body, it is important to remove the excess to prevent further absorption of the skin. If the dog has tremors or seizures, it is advisable to wrap him in a towel or blanket until he arrives at the emergency. At the clinic, the vet will be able to wash your stomach and induce vomiting. In most cases, the pet will need fluid therapy (serum) and medications to help eliminate the substance.

Pay attention to the cleaning of the house and keep your pet always safe!

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