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House with Cats – Creating the ideal home

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For some years now the search for cats as pets has been growing a lot, as stated by the data from the Brazilian Association of the Industry of Pet Products – Abinpet. According to data collected by the association, the growth in the existence of a cat house is expected to double. This was an estimate for last year and more and more we see families integrating cats into their homes.

A very strong and clear characteristic for this to happen is that, as people have less and less time to stay at home and take care of domestic routines and related activities, there is a movement that has opted for cats because they give less work than dog. What a house with cats need to have?

Cat or dog: which pet to choose?

One very important thing before you take a pet home is to think; what do you expect from a pet? How much time of day do you have to dedicate to the pet? Try to imagine yours house with cats and your home with puppies. Imagine? Now, answer for yourself what natural reactions would you like and what you would not like them to have?

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