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How to Bath Cats

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Hygiene is an important factor in maintaining your pet’s health. Cats aren’t exactly bathing fans, but bathing cats can be quite a simple task if you know how to do it.

Cats, by nature, are clean animals. They always clean themselves and remove some hair that falls, in addition to doing their needs in the sand. But it is recommended bathe cats, either to clean fleas, treat any dermatological problem or the common dirt that the cat cannot clean on its own.

The kitten bath, step-by-step

Prepare what you will use in advance, as it will not be easy to go after something after you start showering. With rare exceptions, cats do not like to bathe and attempts to escape are frequent.

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The shampoo must be suitable for cats, as normal shampoo can damage the coat. If the cat has long hair, brush before giving bathing in cats it can be useful, to avoid being embarrassed.

Choose a large sink or a very spacious basin, so that you can move around while bathing the kitten. The water must be warm and the bowl must not be too full so as not to frighten the pet.

Wet your whole body first, don’t wet your head yet. Pass the cat-specific shampoo. Wash the muzzle very carefully, as it is a delicate part. Then wash your head, taking care not to let water get into your ears or nose. Bathing cats it is work to be done carefully.

The rinse should be done well, as the accumulation of shampoo or soap can irritate the feline’s skin, even if it is a product suitable for felines. Dry the cat with a soft towel, it will hardly let you use a dryer.

After bathe the cat, you can choose to cut your nails with a suitable cutter bought at pet stores. Only cut if necessary, don’t overdo it, cats’ nails shouldn’t be short.

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