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How to Make a Scratcher | Dog Cat

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There are the most diverse types and models of scraper on the market, to make the happiness of any type of cat, however it is not always possible to buy a good one right at the beginning, along with the first expenses with all the things your kitten needs when it arrives at the new home. So a good alternative is to learn how to make a scratcher for your pet, so he doesn’t decide to trim the claws on his favorite sofa while he still can’t buy his toy.

The materials available are the most diverse and unusual, giving a huge range of possible scratchers for your kitten. Understanding how to make a scratching post you can create several models, which can be hung on the wall or taken anywhere in the house.

Using a piece of MDF you can create scratching posts that can be hung on the walls, for those houses with little space, for example. All you need is a piece of carpet firmly attached to it, which can be coconut fiber, sisal or even synthetic fiber.

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Step by step

With some simple and inexpensive materials it is possible to make a scraper

  • MDF piece
  • Glue-all (super bonder or similar)
  • Wood glue
  • Sisal rope

All you need to do to assemble your scraper is to glue the sisal rope (or the material you choose) with glue, which speeds up the process by drying faster, doing this in the center of the piece.

Then, using wood glue you continue the process, alternating between the two and making the design grow from the center of your piece to the edges, putting weight on the parts that have already been glued to ensure that it will dry properly.

Cut the end when finished and let it dry in the sun, preferably, until it is completely dry.

It is important to remember that the most recommended are those sold in pet shops, as they are tested and produced with special materials that are more difficult to break and that do not cause allergies to pussies and that you must be very careful when making one for yourself. there are no accidents with the pet.

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