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How to Make Dog Clothes

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Want something more charming than a dog wearing a little outfit? Does not exist! What if you learn how to make dog clothes and let your pet match your style? Even more beautiful!

The clothes, in addition to making pets so irresistible, still help a lot to protect them from the cold. However, sometimes those that are sold ready-made do not please the owner’s taste or do not exactly fit the size of the dog, so how about yourself make clothes for dogs?!

Making your dog’s clothes, in addition to being more economical, can also become fun. You can create models with the colors and accessories that you like best and that are perfect for your puppy. And believe me, you don’t even have to be so good at sewing.

For make clothes for dogs first you need to choose the fabric, paying attention if your dog is not allergic. Cotton, flannel, soft or acrylic blanket are more used because they cause less allergies, but be aware of any type of reaction of the dog when it is with the clothes.

You will need a mold and you can draw it yourself. You will take the measurements of your pet, the most basic are the circumference of the neck, the chest, the paws and the length of the neck at the beginning of the tail. Some dogs get a little agitated at this point, it is interesting if you can do it after a walk, for example, when they tend to be calmer, and you can also use snacks that are attractive to them.

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Once the mold is made, you will cut the fabric and sew. When assembling the clothes, check if it is not too tight or loose, we do not want the clothes to interfere with the pet’s breathing or make it unable to move properly and even trip over the clothes.

Remember, you are making clothes for your dog, abuse creativity when choosing colors and ornaments to make your pet even more beautiful and charming! See also how to make a walk for your pet using an old sweatshirt.

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