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How to offer environmental enrichment for cats

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Did you know that stress, one of the biggest problems in modern life, can also affect cats? The “symptoms” can be very similar to ours: isolation, compulsive eating, more aggressive behavior, among others. For this, you have already thought about making an environmental enrichment for your cat?

Stress in pussies can vary according to causes, time. The degree of stress and the way the cat handles it are some of the causes. In addition to these, other signs are common in cats such as changes in the frequency and location of urination and defecation, compulsive licking, territorial marking, vocalization, sleep disorders and hyperactivity. The causes of behavioral problems must be well investigated by the tutor. And the help of a feline veterinarian is essential.

How to help the stressed cat?

Anyone who thinks that to entertain the cat just give a cardboard box as a gift is mistaken. The games serve to stimulate the animal physically and mentally, which is essential in view of the routine of most cats today, who live indoors, without access to the street.

The tip is to offer environmental enrichment. The pussy needs to feel safe and stimulated in the environment in which it lives. For this, you can include shelves and high places with holes so that it can hide, for example. It is also important to respect their natural behavior and enrich the environment with shelves, scratching posts, toys, tunnels, boxes, hiding places, in addition to playing and interacting with the cat. Long or short wands, mice with catnip (cat grass), light toys with natural feathers that can be hung, trays that simulate the movement of the rat’s tail are good examples that encourage predation.

Other options that entertain pussies are laser beams suitable for cats and smart feeders. There are also toys that can be made at home: balls of paper, hanging plushies, making trails for snacks and others.

Important precautions

The guardian needs to be aware of the fact that the cat has a natural attraction for new objects, a characteristic of the species. Therefore, if you leave the objects always scattered in the environment in which the cat lives, he will lose interest. So, always rotate the toys, placing a different one each day.

Another point is to take care that the pussy does not eat parts of the toys. Some may exhibit compulsive behaviors and end up eating parts that disassemble. Make environmental enrichment the right way and make your little friend happier!

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