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Hypoallergenic Feed – What is its function and how to use

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Cats may have respiratory allergies, allergies caused by contact with a substance that they cannot tolerate, in addition to allergies to fleas, allergies to medications, but there is a slightly more unusual allergy, but we need to be aware: food allergies. To solve this problem there is hypoallergenic feed.

The allergy caused by the food that the cat receives is not so common, affecting about 10% of the cats, corresponding to a percentage of only 5% of the allergies that most affect the cats. While it may seem that your cat’s chances of being allergic to food are minimal, it can happen in a simple feed change. To avoid this problem, the hypoallergenic feed.

Hypoallergenic feed has a restriction on the protein source, each specific to the protein that the cat has developed an allergy to. Since normal diets contain all the proteins common to the feline diet, a diet based on a diet that reduces the cause of allergy is the best solution.

THE hypoallergenic feed for cats, in addition to having an almost nonexistent number of dyes and additives, it also exists in the version in which the allergen causing protein is selected and excluded, or in the version in which the protein is reduced so that it does not have so much allergic capacity.

Diagnosis and treatment

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Hypoallergenic feed is used not only as a way to treat the cat’s allergy to a certain protein, but also with a tool that helps to diagnose which protein is causing the allergy in your pussy.

Food allergy can cause excessive itching due to skin irritation, vomiting and diarrhea. The ingredients that are in common rations and that most commonly cause allergy in cats are corn, soy and animal products, such as cheese, meat, egg, fish and chicken.

What happens when you choose a hypoallergenic feed for cats is that, among the varied options of this food, you will look for one that does not contain the protein to which your cat is allergic, but that has a protein from the same source to replace it. In case the cat is allergic to beef, there are hypoallergenic diets on the market that offer meat protein, but instead of being of bovine origin, it can be rabbit meat, for example. So your cat keeps getting the protein it needs to stay healthy, without suffering from the allergy. Always remember to consult a veterinarian at the sign of any allergic symptoms observed in your pussy.

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