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important care at this special time

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Pets need special care at different stages of life, such as during pregnancy and with newly born puppies. It is very important to have a veterinarian to monitor this period (the dog’s gestation is about two months) and to have the best guidelines on how to deal with pregnancy. The future mom will need a special diet, with a greater energy supply over the months to assist in the proper formation of the puppies. This nutritional need changes with each stage of canine pregnancy and, in the end, the mother must be ready to produce milk and breastfeed her puppies. The tours can continue, but more carefully. Distances and speed should be shorter and preferably in the early morning or late afternoon. When you are approaching the end of canine pregnancy, you may notice some signs that childbirth is approaching. The dog may become less active, look for a quieter and sometimes hidden place to rest and even start producing milk. This is the time for you to offer her the greatest possible comfort, preparing a sheltered, warm, clean and calm place. And care for the puppies? Care for the puppy should begin in the womb. To guarantee a healthy pregnancy it is essential that the female is also in good nutritional condition. Only then will it be able to generate puppies that have an adequate childhood and growth. Until the 45 days of life of the litter is the ideal time to maintain the breastfeeding of the puppies, as long as the mother is able to breastfeed. Until then, the furry ones should consume only breast milk that already has the necessary nutrients for healthy growth. Weaning is a natural process that dogs go through when they are a month or a little older. During this period they can receive baby food, still interspersed with milk. To help the pet understand that what is being served is to eat and not to play, it is necessary to let it smell and lick before offering. When they start to eat solid food, the puppies should receive the same food until 12 months. Pregnant & Puppy Supplement: why is it important? Botica Pets offers natural care for this moment: the supplement Pregnant Woman and Puppy, indicated during pregnancy and lactation of mothers and also during childhood until adulthood of the puppies. It is a product with therapeutic value formulated with natural ingredients and containing, in a concentrated form, bioactive compounds from foods such as carrots and beer yeast, with the objective of promoting health benefits for pregnant women and their young. Among the benefits are the increased immunity of the pregnant woman to fight infectious diseases, the supply of nutrients such as chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, calcium and phosphorus in ideal proportions to ensure a good formation of bones and tissues of the puppies, without exhaustion of the maternal organism. Better understand the benefits of the natural ingredients that make up the Carrot formula: source of antioxidants, vitamin A and carotenoids, which stimulate tissue reconstitution (helping to treat dermatitis, for example) and help prevent cardiovascular diseases. Source of fiber, minerals (such as phosphorus, potassium, calcium and sodium) and vitamins (A, B2, B3 and C). It is essential for good intestinal functioning and protection of the mucosa. That’s because carrots have a very good amount of dietary fiber. They help maintain digestive health, stimulate intestinal transit and eliminate toxins. Cartilage: natural source of chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, calcium and phosphorus. All in ideal proportions for good bone and tissue formation. Brewer’s yeast: it is considered a modulator of the immune system for stimulating natural defenses. In addition, it is a source of B vitamins, minerals and proteins. It helps to improve your pet’s digestion, as it stimulates the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria for the digestive system, facilitating the breakdown and absorption of food. Helps the immune system of animals through amino acids that act to have an effect against bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Who used and approved? Check out some testimonials from breeders who know and recommend the Pregnant Formula & Puppy! Breeder Antonella Muniz has been using the Pregnant & Puppy formula in her Jack Russel dogs for about 3 years. “The difference was huge. Before using the supplement, moms were very thin after delivery, and the ribs appeared. After starting to use the supplement about 15 days before delivery, it seems that they didn’t even give birth. The puppies grow in an incredible way, very strong. Since then, I never stopped using the supplement ”. Marília Cavalcanti, Border Collie breeder, approved the Pregnant and Puppy formula from Botica Pets. “The improvement in puppies’ weight gain was notable since the first use. In addition to using in the mothers and puppies of your breeding, I recommend to my clients. People are delighted with the result ”. Breeder Roseli Tacioli is adept at using natural products to care for pets from the Companhia do Gato Persa cattery. For pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and also for the puppies of the litters, it offers different care in order to maintain the health and good body condition of the pussies. An important care that she has offered to cats is the functional formula Pregnant Woman and Puppy. Already used in two litters and their mothers, the product was essential for the development of the kittens. “The puppies were born with practically the same size and weight. In the litter of the first kitten that received the Pregnant & Puppy, the pups had a spectacular development ”, he says. According to Roseli, with the Pregnant Woman & Puppy, it was possible to see the results right at birth. “At 56 days, the kittens were already weighing 900 grams. It is enough if we think about their size and age, ”he says. For her, the use of the supplement is recommended to ensure a good pregnancy and the growth of the puppies. “I believe it is necessary to keep our pets’ immunity and life in order and, for that, we have the help of Botica Pets, which is always concerned with their well-being. No owner is alone to take care of your pet ”, he says. Learn more about the Pregnant & Puppy Formula!

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