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Is Cat Training Possible?

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Because they only pay attention to what matters to them and even so for a short time, there are those who say that it is not possible to train cats, which is not true. You need to understand that cats only pay attention in a routine for about five minutes, so there is no point in trying to train your cat for hours that it will just tire you both.

The process of train cats it ends up bringing the owner closer to the cat and it is a learning experience for both, where the owner understands the cat better and he learns what the owner likes and that can get some reward from it. Remember that cats are independent and will only accept training if they understand that their good behavior can bring what they want, whether it be affection or snacks.

As with dogs, you need to reward the cat every time it pays attention and does what the owner wants. For that, simple commands such as “sit” and “give the paw” must be used and convince him that it will always be an advantageous exchange, so he will acquire the habit of obeying – as long as he doesn’t have anything that catches his attention anymore that the command, it is useless to send the cat to sit if he had any prey in sight.

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A good time to start training the cat is around two hours before meals, so you can use snacks to attract his attention and the cat will understand that if you do what you ask for you will earn a reward, until it becomes routine for he obeys certain commands. Don’t forget when you go train your cat to always praise and reward him when he does the right thing, giving and petting as well as snacks.

By ensuring that the cat’s attention is fully focused on you and your command – and avoiding unnecessary repetition while he is still distracted – you can increase the command’s association with the reward. Likewise, the faster this reward, the more associated with the command he just performed, making learning much faster and more enjoyable for both parties.

In this way it is possible to train the cat to sit, enter the transport box, give the paw, come when he is called and even meow when he wishes, in addition to more basic behaviors such as not getting on tables or stealing food from the dishes.

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