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Is walking the dog exercise?

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A beautiful afternoon of walking with your dog can yield many benefits for both him and you. Know that the owner and his pet can overcome the sedentary lifestyle together, besides improving the relationship even more.

However, for this tour to be considered an exercise it is important to take into account some points. I read our post and you will know how to transform a walk into a pleasant and advantageous moment for your health!

Benefits of walking: for you

In addition to increasing your sense of well-being, you can still lose some calories during the walk with your dog. Every 30 minutes of walking, the average loss is 200 calories.

Your cardiovascular health can also improve, so there will be a considerable reduction in your risk of heart disease. See other benefits:

  • Stress reduction
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Reduced risk of diabetes
  • Localized fat reduction
  • Increased physical disposition

Benefits of walking: for the dog

For your dog the benefits are numerous! Among them, one of the most important is the improvement of both physical and mental well-being. In addition, you will notice that it will decrease behaviors that catch your attention, such as barking.

Your dog’s life expectancy can also increase considerably, as well as strengthening his muscles and joints. See other benefits:

  • The digestive system will be regulated and healthy
  • Reduction of destructive behaviors
  • You will be more sociable with other animals and people
  • Improvement of lung function and blood circulation
  • Heart rate will be more controlled

Care needed to walk your dog

Constant walking improves health regardless of the breed of dog. However, it is essential to take some precautions so that the tours are smooth. So, we separate some tips so that the exercises are advantageous for both:

– More active breeds like the German shepherd, for example, are more resistant to long walks and more intense rhythms.

– Breeds with the most flattened snout as pugs, for example, have less resistance, so they get tired faster.

– If your dog shows tiredness, seek shade, offer fresh water and let it rest for a while.

– Try to make these walks in a cooler time, such as early morning or late afternoon. It is important to maintain a daily routine, always at the same time.

– Pay attention to the soil on which your animal is walking. If it is too hot, it can burn your paws.

– Start with short walks and keep increasing.

Enjoy the walks with your dog! It will always be a fun and enjoyable time!

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