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Itching that doesn’t stop? Understand the reasons and know solutions

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Dermatitis, itches, hair loss, skin redness, scaling, hair opacity, ear inflammation. Skin diseases draw the attention of pet owners due to their more apparent symptoms and because they cause a lot of inconvenience to pets.

The skin is a very important organ for protection and it is where the first signs of a local or systemic disease are often manifested. Furthermore, it is able to isolate the body from external dangers, working as a mechanical protection. Therefore, being aware of the condition of your puppy’s skin and fur is essential to assess the general health of the pet, as it can reveal a lot about its well-being.

Is the dog scratching normal?

Scratching is one of the most common habits of dogs, but it can also be very bothersome for handlers. It should be noted that scratching is a natural process for dogs that works as a self-care to keep away insects and other elements that can harm them. Now, if your pet spends the whole day scratching here and there and you notice that it’s bothering the furry one, you need to assess the possible causes and adopt measures to avoid worsening the condition.

The most common reason for itching are parasites: fleas, ticks, lice, among others. Although the condition is quite unpleasant, it is easy to prevent. Just keep the routine with antiparasitic to avoid infestations. Always remembering the cleanliness and care for the environment as well.

Another reason is atopic dermatitis. It occurs when the dog’s body over-responses to an element of the environment or diet. This response manifests as an allergic skin reaction and can be made worse as the dog scratches. This happens because the wounds caused by scratches, make the skin more susceptible to bacteria.

Skin reactions can also happen due to seasonal environmental factors. Your dog may have allergies to pollen and excessive heat, for example. Changes in your eating routine can also compromise your skin’s health.

Remembering that it is very important to consult a veterinarian when noticing any change in your pet’s skin or coat.

Shall we get rid of the itch?

THE Balance formula, by Botica Pets, is a natural supplement that brings together in a concentrated form the benefits of natural ingredients that help keep your skin healthy. Buy the Formula, on here.

The formula consists of the following ingredients: carrot (source of carotenoids, which stimulate tissue reconstitution, helping to treat dermatological conditions) garlic (helps to eliminate toxins, has germicidal action and stimulates the immune system), artichoke (facilitates digestion and stimulates the liver), chlorella (promotes the body’s detoxification and stimulates tissue growth and recovery), acerola (greatest source of vitamin C and antioxidants, which help to strengthen the immune system), brewer’s yeast (Stimulates beneficial bacteria for the digestive system, facilitating the breakdown and absorption of food).

Learn the Benefits of Formula Equilibrium for your best friend

Strengthening the immune system: to ensure a healthy coat, the pet’s body needs to be in balance. Also, it needs enough immunity to fight disease. You benefits of foods gathered in the Equilíbrio Formula have the ability to modulate the immune system. Helps in detoxifying the body and digestive tracts and contributing to the strengthening of pets’ natural defenses.

Better digestion: in addition to offering quality food or natural food (NA), it is necessary to understand that, in some cases, industrialized diets can cause digestive difficulties for the furry. With the use of the Equilíbrio formula, digestion improves, which naturally reflects on the quality of the hair and coat.

Avoiding diseases: the ingredients were selected to provide more health not only for the skin, but also to maintain a balanced and strong body, preventing the pet from getting sick.

Learn more about the formula!

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