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Know how to take care of your pet’s oral health

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Many tutors just stop to notice the pet oral health when teeth are already yellow and bad breath is bothering you. When this occurs, most of the time, periodontal disease is already installed and it will be necessary to resort to a veterinarian specialized in dentistry.

But how to avoid this problem? When examining your pet’s mouth, the teeth should be very firm and white, in addition to the gums not showing inflammation. This is important to ensure care for the hairy’s teeth. Prevention is the best thing a tutor can do for his or her best friend.

Read below how to take care of your pet’s teeth to prevent periodontal disease.

How does periodontal disease occur?

It starts with the accumulation of bacterial plaque, which can progress to the formation of tartar and cause deterioration of the tissues that support the teeth, such as the gums and alveolar bone. As lesions occur under the gums, the tutor often does not notice. Most oral diseases progress rapidly and silently and can only be detected early with an inspection of the mouth by a veterinarian.

What are the consequences of periodontal disease?

* Loss of teeth

* Migration of bacteria to kidneys, liver and heart.

* Bad breath

* Difficulty to chew

* weight loss

* Ache

How to prevent the disease?

The best prevention is daily brushing. Oral health care should start early, including regular brushing, supplemented with specific chewable products for oral health and frequent visits to the veterinarian.

How to take care of the pet’s oral health?

Brush daily: the first form of prevention should be brushing. Use a gauze wrapped around your finger or a soft-bristled toothbrush. Weekly brushing has no effect as plaque builds up on your teeth every day.

Use veterinary products: toothpaste used for brushing should always be for veterinary use, as dogs do not know how to spit and may swallow it.
Avoid dangerous snacks and toys: some hard toys like natural bones, pig’s knee, smoked bones can cause tooth fractures. Toys must be foldable, otherwise they will be harmful to the animal’s oral health.

Preventive check-up: It is essential to take the furry to the veterinarian’s evaluation in order to avoid problems in the oral cavity. In addition to cleaning, the professional will be able to assess if there is any disease affecting the pet’s teeth.

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