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Learn how the tutor’s stress can affect the pet

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Face of one, muzzle of the other. Who has noticed that dogs and cats can look a lot like their owners when it comes to behavior? THE pet personality it can be so similar to ours that it ends up affecting even his behavior, even when we are very stressed.

The emotional state of the guardian can affect pets in several ways. This means that the furry may be suffering as much as you are and will demonstrate this in a number of ways. When the dog is too angry, it can become more aggressive, threaten or attack for no reason; being afraid, crying, shaking, barking too much; not wanting to be alone; have skin and gastric diseases.

But how does this influence occur?

The search

According to information from BBC News Brasil, a study by scientists at the University of Linköping, Sweden, found that stressed pet owners can influence their dogs’ emotional state. The discovery was based on an analysis of the presence of cortisol, known as the stress hormone, in the body of people and their pets.

According to biologist Lina Roth, one of those responsible for the research, dogs and owners “synchronize” their stress levels in the long run. This means that the owner’s personality affects the concentrations of cortisol in dogs. It is an effect of the domestication process of dogs, which led them to become dependent on humans, including emotionally. It is as if the dog mirrors its owner’s stress.

The study followed 58 dogs of the Border Collie and Shetland Shepherd breeds and their owners. From samples of hair from the owners and the hair of their dogs, the concentration of cortisol was analyzed on two different occasions. The chosen breeds have in common the ability to interact well with human beings, responding accurately and quickly to signals.

The search result

The researchers found that as the hair grows, the bloodstream cortisol is gradually incorporated and, from hair samples, they were able to analyze stress levels over months. Dog tutors also answered a long questionnaire with personality questions – both from them and from their dogs.

From these analyzes, it was found that long-term cortisol levels in the dog and its owner were synchronized, so that owners with high levels of cortisol have dogs with high levels of cortisol.

How to make the pet more peaceful?

The first thing to do is self-care: if your stress is affecting the pet, how about being more attentive to yourself?

Another tip is the natural care for the pet, from the use of supplements. You may have heard that passion fruit can bring numerous benefits to help treat various problems. Anxiety, hyperactivity, night agitation and sleep problems, for example.

Considered a natural tranquilizer, passion fruit has anxiolytic properties (acting against irritability and hyperactivity) and antispasmodics (which suppresses the contraction of smooth muscle tissue, promoting digestive comfort to help calm the animal). It also improves the pet’s concentration for training and performing exercises.

However, this plant and its fruit should not be offered to dogs directly, as food, but through supplements. While many people think that it is the fruit that helps to calm, it is from the leaf that we get the benefits that help in the treatment of anxiety symptoms.

Botica Pets Passion Fruit Formula

Botica Pets formulated a natural supplement based on Passiflora + artichoke + beer yeast, which is the Passion Fruit Formula.

These three ingredients, when combined, offer all the comfort your pet needs. All of this in a natural way and in ideal therapeutic doses for pets. Thus, the Passion Fruit supplement helps to control excessive agitation and anxiety of pets through a natural compound and without contraindication. The formula has a great effect on the emotional balance of stressed, socialized and fearful dogs and cats.

Sold ready in the form of chopsticks (passion fruit treats), tablets or powder. Talk to Botica Pets veterinarians (click here) to better understand the benefits of each of these ingredients.

In addition, to make the animal more peaceful, several actions are indicated. Check out our tips below!

Our tips

Tour: the dog comes into contact with external stimuli, such as other animals and sounds, smells and textures. It is recommended to stroll twice a day, once in the morning and once at the end of the day. Now, if you don’t have time for this, it is interesting to think about hiring a walker. Or, another option is to leave the animal in day care. Dog trapped at home, without meeting other friends and without the possibility of sniffing to get to know the world, can be a stress.

Socialization: one of the most important aspects of a dog’s life is socialization. Therefore, take the pet for walks from an early age (after the end of the initial vaccination protocol). It is very good for a good coexistence. In addition, physical exercise helps to reduce pet’s anxiety.

Emotional bond: leaving to give attention to the dog only when you have time can make your pet feel very alone. That’s because there are almost never hours left in the day to do this. Therefore, the important thing is to include the pet in your routine. That way it gets less busy for you and the furry gets attention several times a day. To do this, take the time to perform activities that the furry likes, such as walking or playing.

Environmental enrichment: for pets that spend a lot of time alone, maintaining an environment with several options of interactive toys is essential. It is also important for the tutor to teach and encourage play.

look here 4 environmental enrichment tips for pets!

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