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Light Food for Cats | Dog Cat

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For each type of cat, there is a type of feed indicated. For overweight pussies, there is a specific diet to help them not gain weight and still have a nutritious diet, the light diet for cats.

THE light ration for cats it is recommended for cats from 12 months of age, with a tendency to obesity. Before this period, the puppy cat must be kept on the specific ration for its age.

Cats with above ideal weight may have the genetic tendency or even castration as a cause for gaining pounds, but it can also be the lack of exercise. Cats, like dogs, need to exercise their bodies, it’s a health issue.

Why light food helps cats lose weight

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THE light ration it is made with a low content of components such as sodium, sugar, fat, cholesterol and calories and a greater amount of fiber and / or protein.

Obese cats should eat more fiber and reduce their consumption of fats and energy. The fibers, in addition to helping to lose unwanted weight, also help as a way to facilitate the work of the intestine and eliminate the hair that cats swallow when licking, as they make the cat defecate more.

The light diet can count not on the high level of fibers, but on the one of proteins. It may vary according to the brand of feed. It is recommended to take your cat to the vet and, according to the specific needs of your pet, he will recommend the most appropriate light food.

The vet is the one who will tell you the amount to be given per day. Not always leaving the feed available is ideal, especially considering that the animal is overweight.

THE light cat food can help the cat even more if it is given in a different way than usual. If you feed your cat 2 times a day, give the same amount of feed 4 times a day. Double the feeds, but don’t increase the quantity.

This reduces the accumulation of fat, as the feline’s metabolism will wait to burn fat when fed, if it is only twice, it will burn fat only twice. If it is four times, the metabolism will act four times. So you don’t stop feeding it, but it makes you burn more fat.

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ATTENTION: This content is for information only and does not replace consultation with a veterinarian or specialized service. Find a supplier near your home.

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