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Lone Cat – Myths and Truths

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Cats often look like lonely animals, and sometimes they even prefer to be alone than having to interact with any animal or person. But cats are independent animals and they also need their privacy and appreciate it. A lone cat, however, can also enjoy company.

Often one lonely cat he doesn’t like to share his territory with others, even if the others are cats. Even owners of one more cat think that one will help the other to be less selfish, but even if they live together, they need their independence. And if the various cats are forced by some situation to do something together or share some utensil in the house, be it even the litter box, a conflict may arise between the animals. This is one of the reasons that lead veterinarians to indicate one or more litter boxes for each cat in the house.

Despite all this more independent nature and often interpreted as lonely cats it does not take away from them the need for a little affection, care, attention and affection. If the owner is not at home for a long time and thinks it is better to have a cat because he is more independent than a dog, you can think of having two cats instead of one.

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Even if the cat can be entertained with the owner, but does not spend much time with him, having another cat is the way to not leave the feline too alone and to give the animal someone to play with and to “understand” him better and easier .

Cats do not need to become best friends, but it is always good to have another of the same species around, it helps to take away their loneliness a little if they are alone at home. Many vets indicate that if you want to have a cat, you have two for one to keep company for the other.

When alone, the two kittens can have more physical activity, entertainment and companionship with each other. And with all this energy expenditure, they end up reducing stress and the chances of damaging furniture or having games that, with humans, can be too aggressive.

Cats in the young-adult age, up to about 24 months of age are the most deprived of a friend of the same species. If the cat is left alone, especially at that time, he ends up becoming more depressed, becoming the lonely cat that the owner really imagines and can make his immune system weaker, leaving an easier environment for diseases.

It all depends on the behavior and temperament of the cat, he can accept a new companion even when he is older, but there is also the chance that he will close himself to the new friendship and prefer to be alone. Or he can accept without any major problems. So if you already had a cat (a) and want to increase the feline family, it is better to do it gradually.

And if you already have a lone cat and want to try to introduce him to a new cat, don’t forget to check with the vet to see how the new cat is doing and, if necessary, medicate him before taking him to meet the cat that already inhabits your home.

Also know the care that must be taken with cats that go out on the street.

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