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Message from Botica Pets to tutors!

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Every year we prepare a special message for the tutors of our dear customers, highlighting how you can take better care of your pets. This year we hope that in 2021 you will be able to do all this: walk with the furry ones, travel, take care of health, food and well-being, in addition to much affection and love.

But our message, in particular, highlights everything we experience and learn in 2020. The our wish is that you enjoy life in 2021 a lot. That you do not need another moment like the one we are going through so that we always value our health, family, friends, work, being able to stay at home and, of course, the opportunity to spend more time in the company of our pets.

Yes, despite a very difficult year for everyone, it was a learning period, in which we need to relearn how to make things simpler and more routine. And we believe that all this has a reason.

We hope that next year your life will be full of joy beside those you love the most!

A big hug from the Botica Pets.

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