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Most Beautiful Dog in the World

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The most beautiful dog in the world and also most adored is the cute Boo, a puppy of the Lulu breed from Pomerania, who is 5 years old and very charming to show off.

Photo: Playback / Press

The Pomeranian Lulu breed is also called the German Spitz. This breed has variations in sizes, the Wolf, the Big, the Medium, the Small and the Dwarf. O most beautiful dog in the world is a German Dwarf Spitz, which reaches a maximum of 20cm.

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The name Lulu from Pomerania is because of the belief that this breed would have developed in a region very close to the borders of Germany and Poland, at the time named Pomerania.

Boo’s life, the most beautiful dog in the world

Boo’s owner is an American, JH Lee, who started posting pictures of her dog over the internet and Boo’s unusual cuteness and beauty charmed the whole world. Boo’s facebook page has more than 7 million followers and publishes photos of most beautiful dog in the world, showing the pet’s daily life, with many poses and various costume changes.

Boo calls attention for being different. The shorn coat is not the common cut for dogs of the Pomeranian breed, in general, the hair is long. Boo with his shorn fur resembles a small teddy bear, taking first place on the list of the most beautiful dogs in the world.

Boo’s charm won over not only people, but gained the attention of Chronicle Books, a publisher in the United States, which surrendered to the most beautiful puppy in the world and launched the book “Boo: the life of the cutest dog in the world”. The book shows photos and daily descriptions of the pet’s life.

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