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My dog ​​eats poop. And now?

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Did you catch the dog eating poop? This is one of the problems that bothers many tutors and to know how to solve it you need to have a lot of patience and persistence. There are many factors that can cause the furry to ingest feces. This habit, called coprophagia, can be related to behavioral disorders or even be caused by worms or nutrient deficiency. It is important to keep an eye on the animal’s health and take some actions to end the problem once and for all. Below we list some causes that may be contributing to your dog eating feces and measures to end the problem. Check out! 1 – Stress due to lack of company Does your friend spend many hours alone at home? Loneliness is one of the feelings that can encourage behaviors in the dog, such as destruction, self-mutilation and even the habit of eating feces. Dogs are sociable and enjoy being in the company of their owner, other people and animals. When they spend a lot of time at home and for many hours alone, they can become bored and develop a habit of playing and eating their own feces or other animals as a form of distraction. If this is the problem with the furry, it is recommended that you create an environment with greater stimuli to entertain the dog while he is alone at home. A good measure is to spread feed around the house so that he is distracted looking for food. It is also possible to hide the toys so that he has to look for or restrict access to the toy so that the dog has to think of ways to reach him. A joke tip that works with many dogs is to tie a rope in the yard and hang the toy and other attractive objects for the dog, so that it spends its energy jumping and trying to catch. 2 – He may like the smell If this is the problem, you need to collect the feces as soon as possible. A solution to prevent the dog from being attracted by the aroma of its own feces is to use specific products that alter the odor of the feces, making them unpleasant for his nose. 3 – Nutritional problems The most common reasons for coprophagia are related to nutrition. Dogs that are not properly fed can be stimulated to coprophagy as a way of seeking more nutrients. Dogs with excessive appetite or who are on a restrictive diet to lose weight can also exhibit the behavior. 4 – Getting the attention of the tutor Some dogs still have the habit of coprophagy to get the attention of the tutor. This is because many owners usually scold the pet when they witness the situation. Dogs want that attention, even if negatively. The negative reinforcement techniques to reprimand the pet, such as rubbing the dog’s snout near the feces and scolding, make the furry associate the punishment with the act of defecating and start to ingest the feces in order to hide them. How to help the pet? If your dog exhibits this behavior, it is important to seek the advice of a veterinarian. Only then will it be possible to identify what is really occurring and solve the problem. Dogs suffering from behavioral problems will also need help. What few people know is that there is a solution to situations that make everyday life exhausting. Learn how to help the pet with behavioral problems through a natural treatment. Read about the Passion Fruit supplement, by Botica Pets!

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