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Passion fruit, artichoke and brewer’s yeast for anxious dogs

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Learn the benefits of ready-made passion fruit, artichoke and brewer’s yeast formula for anxious dogs

Barking and crying incessantly, destroying objects, peeing and pooping in inappropriate places, drooling and licking your paws over and over. Many pets suffer, along with their owners and neighbors, for behaviors like these. What few people know is that there is a solution to situations that make everyday life exhausting.

Before trying anything, it is important to identify the source of the problems. Some causes can be listed for this: separation anxiety, hyperactivity, changing the environment, travel, the arrival of a new animal in the family or even a simple routine visit to the vet.

But how to deal with the anxious dog? How to calm the hyperactive dog? How to live with very agitated dog?

Read the information below!

Passion fruit

The use of passion fruit for pets has numerous benefits. The leaf of this fruit has benefits that can help in the treatment of several problems – such as anxiety, hyperactivity, night agitation, sleep problems, etc. All of this in a natural way, without harming the organism or causing addiction.

Considered a natural tranquilizer, passion fruit has anxiolytic properties (acting against irritability and hyperactivity) and antispasmodics (which suppresses the contraction of smooth muscle tissue, promoting digestive comfort to help calm the animal). It also improves the pet’s concentration for training and performing exercises. In addition, it is a source of vitamins A, C and Complex B.

Discover other benefits of passion fruit:

– Helps in relaxation.

– Induces sleep, due to the soothing properties and avoiding insomnia and night agitation.

– Improves hyperactivity, as it has sedative power that helps to calm down.

– Helps in the treatment of nervous disorders, phobias and aggression, mitigating the effects caused by these changes.

However, this plant and its fruit should not be offered to dogs directly, as food, but through supplements. While many people think that it is the fruit that helps to calm, it is from the leaf that we get the benefits that help in the treatment of anxiety symptoms.


It facilitates digestion, stimulates the liver and increases the release of bile. Thus promoting the elimination of toxins and the regulation of the intestine.

Discover other benefits of artichoke:

– Important digestive action by increasing the amount of bile contained in the gallbladder and secreted by the liver, facilitating the digestion of fats in the intestine and regulating intestinal functions.

– Lupeol, present in artichokes, has a toxic action against tumor cells, has antioxidant activity. In addition to promoting the release of immune responses.

– Cinaropicrina, also present in artichokes, has an action against the production of tumor necrosis factor, acting as an anti-inflammatory. In addition to being antimicrobial and antifungal.

Brewer’s yeast

THE brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is considered a modulator of the immune system for stimulating natural defenses, in addition to being a source of B vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Discover other benefits of brewer’s yeast:

– Helps improve your pet’s digestion, as it stimulates the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria for the digestive system, facilitating the breakdown and absorption of food.

– Helps the immune system of animals through amino acids that act to have an effect against bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

– It is a source of nutrients, being composed of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals (phosphorus and potassium) and B vitamins.

Benefits of passion fruit + artichoke + brewer’s yeast

Some nutrients have the power to boost pets’ immunity, help to reduce the risks of various diseases (obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hair and coat problems, separation anxiety, etc.). In addition to acting directly on the immune system, increasing the body’s defenses as a whole.

When these ingredients are combined in ready-made formulas, one ends up complementing the benefits of the other. O Passion fruit supplement, by Botica Pets, has in its formula, three functional ingredients: passion fruit, artichoke extract and beer yeast. Together, they offer all the comfort your furry needs, in a natural way and in ideal therapeutic doses for pets.

The Passion Fruit supplement helps control pets’ excessive agitation and anxiety through a natural compound and without contraindication. The formula has a great effect on the emotional balance of stressed, socialized and fearful dogs and cats.

Sold ready in the form of chopsticks (passion fruit treats), tablets or powder. Talk to Botica Pets veterinarians to better understand the benefits of each of these ingredients.

See more tips on how to deal with the anxious dog in this content on how to treat separation anxiety.

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