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Passion fruit benefits for pets

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Understand why there are so many benefits of passion fruit for pets!

Who never, in a moment of anxiety and tension, received the following advice: “take a passion fruit juice to be calmer”. Is not it? Passion fruit really has benefits that can help in the treatment of several problems – such as anxiety, hyperactivity, night agitation, sleep problems, but in a natural way. All of this without harming the organism or causing addiction. Understand how you can best enjoy the benefits of passion fruit for pets!

For dogs, the benefits of passion fruit can also help a lot in the case of furry dogs that suffer from Separation Anxiety Syndrome (SAS). This problem is among the most frequent complaints from tutors who often do not know how to deal with the dog when they need it to stay. alone at home.

It’s not just tantrum, no!

Confused with bad behavior, canine separation anxiety is caused by a lack of mental and physical stimuli. It results in attitudes that do not please the tutor and the people who live with the hairy.

Among them: destruction of furniture and objects, pee out of place, excessive barking, crying and agitation, tremors, licking of the paws (when the pet does not have a skin problem) and even a bite of the tail.

Want to know how passion fruit can help your pet?

Good fruit

Passion fruit is the fruit of Passiflora, a plant that has several medicinal properties. In its leaves, we find most therapeutic substances, such as flavonoids.

The benefits of passion fruit for pets!

It is from it that we obtain the benefits that help in the treatment of anxiety symptoms. Its use as a sedative has been known since antiquity, but this is not the only use, see the benefits:

– Reduces anxiety, helping in relaxation.

– Induces sleep, due to the soothing properties and avoiding insomnia and night agitation.

– Improves hyperactivity, as it has sedative power that helps to calm down.
– Helps in the treatment of nervous disorders, phobias and aggression, mitigating the effects caused by these changes.

In addition, it can also be used to combat aging, as it is full of antioxidants such as vitamins A and C.

Are you experiencing any problems due to pet anxiety? Download our infographic with 5 tips to calm the furry!

Infographic 5 techniques to calm the anxious puppy!

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