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Pet Food for Elderly Dogs – Pet Care for Seniors

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A good diet can almost double the life expectancy of dogs, and this can be achieved with a correct diet based on food and without too seasoned, sweet or salty foods. Especially when they are reaching old age, dogs need care with what they eat and the use of food for elderly dogs is indicated.

In some cases even a special diet is necessary, as as time goes on it becomes more and more difficult for the dog’s body to process the ingested food, as its metabolism slows down.

As elderly dogs use less energy, a good feed for elderly dogs it must have less protein and calories, at the same time it has more vitamins, essential to help the pet’s health, helping to prevent diseases and maintaining good health. The best choice is to always follow the instructions given by the veterinarian, as not always just reducing the amount of the usual feed can solve these problems – on the contrary, your dog may not be obese due to the reduction of the portion, but be subject to several other risks that a specific ration could avoid.

This type of feed can help prevent canine osteoporosis, which is the loss of bone mass, which leads to excessive bone wear, heart problems and even kidney problems. Some of them may be even more specific, such as Light dog food who are overweight or even obese with the arrival of age and softer rations, for those who already have some teeth falling or are more sensitive and cannot chew the common ration.

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Elderly dogs deserve as much special care as when they were puppies, or even more, after so many years of living together and the right food can guarantee many more years ahead, with your real healthy pet.

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