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Puppies – How not to love a puppy?

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If having dogs at home is endless fun, double that when thinking about puppies. Puppies are an inexhaustible source of joy and energy in your home. There are studies that show that puppies help in the treatment of depression, reducing medications and improving quality of life.

When you decide to take a puppy home, first of all, choose the ideal breed, this includes the famous and also the beloved mutts. If you have a child at home, for example, maybe puppies hyperactive drugs are not the best choice. If you spend little time at home, a dog that is more needy and sociable will also not be the best choice, and this choice will determine good maintenance of the animal’s health.

Double love means double care

Of course, much of the puppy’s behavior that you adopt will be due to the breed, but most of that behavior will be based on how the puppy will be raised by you, as well as the environment in which you will live.

One of the big ‘problems’ with puppies at home is dog hygiene. They tend to pee in any corner they like. This is part of that portion of the dog’s behavior that will be brought up by you, no matter the breed, the puppy will find that his pillow is a fluffy and fluffy toilet.

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It takes patience to teach them, it may take a while, but it’s worth it. Never hit the puppy, click here and see some tips on how to train your puppy. Often he will not even understand, in other cases hitting can cause trauma to the puppy and he may start to eat the poop to hide from the owner, for example. This habit is so common that it was even given a name: cropophagy. Excess pressure in this puppy phase can cause serious problems for the dog when it grows.

There are products on the market that help to educate your pet to make needs in an appropriate place. There are models with two trays where dogs pee and poop without getting their feet dirty and without getting their floors dirty.

As soon as the puppy is acquired, he must be taken to a veterinarian’s appointment, where at 30 days the deworming will start and at 45 days the vaccination will start. It is recommended that the puppy’s feeding be started with a puppy food, which will be chosen by the puppy’s size. Whenever possible, it is good to opt for a super-premium food, it should be offered to the puppy until entering adulthood, click here to know when your puppy reaches adulthood.

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