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Puppies – The peculiarities between dogs and cats

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In the list of the most adorable things in the world, for sure a large part of the people put puppies as one of the main names. They are playful, affectionate and beautiful, in addition to being small, making them, whatever race they are, fit on your lap.

The puppies, whether they are dogs or cats, usually bring a joy to their new home that is very similar to the arrival of a baby from maternity. They inspire pampering, special care and a lot of affection, apart from the desire to play.

Buy or adopt a puppy?

One of the first things to think about, when considering a puppy at home, is whether it will be adopted or purchased. It is not possible to put one way as being better than the other, as both are equally advantageous and allow the perfect puppy to arrive in the home.

The adoption medium has taken a lot of strength recently, with the appearance of several serious institutions responsible for sending puppies to the future owners. The adoption of puppies offers the advantage of being free and, generally, the pet comes vaccinated and neutered, reducing considerably the expenses with its arrival.

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On the other hand, generally the animals put up for adoption have already passed the puppy phase and already have some quirks that will need to be corrected by the owner. It is also more difficult to find, for example, a purebred puppy – they are usually mongrel dogs or short-haired cats – if the person wants to acquire a puppy or kitten of a specific breed.

For this profile, the best way to get your new pet is to puppy purchase. It can be found in a petshop, kennel, or even through breeders. Breeders are usually specialized in a certain breed and reproduce it without mixing with others. For those looking for a pedigree puppy, for example, these are the best options.

Puppy or kitten?

It is more common that this decision has already been made by anyone who is considering having a new pet at home. People tend to prefer one or the other, or simply think that a dog can match you and your lifestyle more than a cat, for example, and vice versa.

Dogs are happier and demand more attention than kittens, who are more independent and ask for less affection. The dog likes contact more, which can be seen as both an advantage and a disadvantage, depending on the personality of the future owner of the pet.

With that, it is common to think that cats are not affectionate, which is a big mistake! Cats also like their owners and accept affection, they are only more reserved and really do not want contact at all times. For those who like to be quiet and have time for themselves, perhaps a feline is a better option.

Can I raise a dog and a cat together?

Yes. Since the two are different and offer different personalities to the owners, it is also interesting to live with both at the same time. And despite the reputation of hating each other, dogs and cats can also live in perfect harmony, it all depends on their personalities and how they will be raised at home.

What precautions should be taken when the puppy arrives at home?

First of all, it is important that he is vaccinated, dewormed and, if the owner does not want the pet to breed, it is also interesting to provide castration. In general, it is recommended that pets are neutered, consult a veterinarian to find out the period and the correct way to do the castration procedure.

After that, it is also necessary to reserve a corner to leave the puppy, especially if it is very small or there are already older animals at home. Puppies are more fragile and it is important that they have a safe space to develop in their first days at home, until they are adapted and properly vaccinated so that they can start living with the other animals in the house.

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