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Puppy Dressage – 6 Advantages

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There are people who do not take dog training seriously, but just as it is very important to think about vaccines, healthy eating, toys to keep them always active, it is also very important for family and social interaction to be concerned with education his. And the act of making dogs better educated, more disciplined and obedient from a young age is called puppy training. Take note and keep reading!

If you have just integrated a pet into the home, take into account the puppy training, in addition to giving your dog instructions on how to behave at each moment, you will also indicate to him when it is time to play, to wait and to obey. Your dog needs to understand that the leader in the pack is you, not him.

It is as if you are educating a child about social behavior and its authority over it. Children always test the limits of adults to know how far they can go, and so does a puppy, because it is at this moment that you need to teach him what can and cannot be done, thus showing that his authority must be obeyed. Ah, don’t confuse authority with authoritarianism, it’s quite different! In authority you teach those who are growing up what to do or not to do in certain situations or circumstances.

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