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Schnauzer – 10 things you need to know before buying one

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Known for the facial coat that resembles a beard and arched eyebrows, the Schnauzer is a very popular breed today. Extremely protective and jealous with its owners, the dog of the breed is originally from Germany, and is among the 12 considered most intelligent in the world, being a very playful and active animal.

Due to its defensive stance, the Schnauzer it came to be used as a guard dog during the First World War, and to this day it is part of the German and American police as an aid in the investigation of smuggling. Although they are very possessive with their owners, pets of the breed can be quite docile and sociable, living well with children and even other animals when accustomed from an early age.

Originally of medium size, the breed was crossed several times until it gave rise to two other types of size: small and large – called Schauzer Miniatura and Schnauzer Gigante. Regardless of size, its coat is tight and requires the typical care of most other breeds, with weekly baths and trimmers every three months; however, its miniature version highlights a greater predisposition to have skin problems (such as dermatitis) and urinary tract problems (such as urolithiasis).

Much loved by animal lovers, the breed dog adapts well when living in small environments, such as apartments; and can be purchased for prices ranging between R $ 800 and R $ 2 thousand. Find out below the ten things you need to know before you take a Schnauzer home, and decide if this is the ideal breed to be part of your family.

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