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Scratched cats and furniture: how to resolve this impasse?

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Who owns pets at home knows how much the relationship is of ups and downs. And cats are no exception. As much as they love us, it is inevitable to follow their instincts. And, oddly enough, scratching furniture is a necessity for them.

You can be upset and even fight. However, it is something so natural and essential for them that it is more worthwhile to try to resolve the situation in other ways. Today we will help you with some tips on how to resolve this impasse. Check it out and put it into practice now.

Know the reasons

Most of the time, cats use furniture to mark their territory. As they sharpen their nails, they leave their mark. Another reason is stress and, when they don’t have toys, it can be even worse.

So, first of all, try to understand their need. Knowing the reasons, it becomes easier to solve the problem.

Invest in good scratching posts

This is one of the most necessary items for those who have a kitten at home. Otherwise, your sofa will end up becoming the right target for their nails. So, try to invest in a good piece so that it has a long life. After all, there are several cool, modern and good quality models available.

Don’t leave your cat idly

If you spend the day at work and when you get home you find surprises from your pet, know that he may be bored. Yes, cats, like us, get bored when they have nothing to do.

However, they do not watch serials, but rather spend their time scratching or eating items of importance to you. So, take your pet’s time. Buy toys that can distract you, like mini mice and balls, for example.

In addition, you can hide treats (for cats) in some corners of the house. Surely your pet will be so entertained that he won’t even have time to scratch your sofa.

Return the love

Surely your kitten loves you very much and has no intention of ruining your furniture. However, all cats have some instincts that make them, in a way, more agitated and with a LOT of energy. In some cases you can control it with castration. However, it is important to love him in a reciprocal way.

So, if you have a pet, regardless of what it is, always return the love they provide. They just need food, water, games and affection. It is not that difficult to keep their lives happy. Love your pets because their lives are very short, so enjoy every minute!

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