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The market for shampoo for dogs has become more and more specialized and advanced in the sense of providing the ideal shampoo for each type of dog. The coat of the puppies requires special care, to avoid unpleasant smell in the hair, tangled hair or, even, the appearance of irritations on the dog’s skin.

As with our hair, each type of dog hair requires a type of shampoo. Dog shampoos are especially concerned with the texture, softness, shine and hydration of your pet’s hair.

The three basic types of shampoo for dogs

Shampoos for light hairs are, as the name suggests, made for puppies with light or white fur. This shade of hair tends to get dirty easily, so the shampoo aims to preserve the natural color of the hair.

The shampoos for dark hair are used for brown, gray tones or for dogs with black hair. This tint of hair easily loses its shine, so the shampoo for dark-haired dogs aims to restore the natural shine of the coat.

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Neutral shampoos are suitable for all coat tones and are a good option for those who prioritize the choice of the product due to its price, as they are usually cheaper than more specific shampoos.

How to bathe my dog ​​at home?

For bathe your dog at home, use warm water if it is cold and cold water if it is hot. Do not use hot water, as it dries out the hair and removes the shine. Before starting the bath, remember to leave the shampoo, towel and any other product you intend to use by hand. Keep him attached to his collar, avoiding accidents if he tries to jump out of the tank, for example.

Can I use human shampoo to bathe my dog?

No. There are important differences in the composition of shampoo for dogs and that of shampoo for people. Your dog may be allergic to some component of your shampoo, which would make it harmful to your pet’s hair and skin. Some dogs do not suffer any negative reaction or bathe in coconut soap, but when in doubt, it is better not to risk it.

The hygienic products for dogs they follow the same rule as food: it is not recommended to mix with people. As much as your puppy is considered a member of the family, it is important to remember that his body works differently, has different needs and requires different care.

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