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Smallest Cat in the World | Dog Cat

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Like humans, animals also have a chance of suffering anomalies during the gestation process and, with that, they can appear with numerous different characteristics, one of which is when the animal or person is born with a height not so high. That’s what happened to Fizz Girl, who holds the record for the world’s smallest cat.

Fizz Girl is only two, lives with owner Tiffani in San Diego, California, and is considered one of the most important cats of the breed (since she now has a record for herself of smallest cat in the world) known as Munchkin, whose main feature is its short legs, the result of a genetic mutation.

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The breed is considered new, it was created in 1980, but it was not recognized by the International Association of Cats in 1995, under many discussions and concerns about possible health problems or even mobility problems because of its legs, which are really very small .

For now, Fizz Girl is considered the owner of the four smallest paws available in the world of Munchkin and cats with 15 centimeters from the floor to their shoulders, but the owner, Tiffani Kjeldergaard says, in an interview with the Guinness Book, the book of records, that the cat has no problem climbing any place, no matter how tall it is. Its relevance and fame as smallest cat in the world it doesn’t stop you from making a lot of mess at home.

The owner also says that Fizz Girl is demanding, likes things her way, like a princess. Until she approaches the owner and asks for food while she eats her meals, the cat is not shy about doing it, although she does not like to be in the lap for a long time. As they say, size is not the same document.

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