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Cat snacks are everywhere, and more and more feline pet owners are taking advantage of this to keep their pussies behaved, cheerful and obedient. Available in infinite options of taste, smell and shape, these small treats attract and reward cats, but they must be offered in moderation, since the exaggeration of this type of snack in animal feed can bring problems, such as obesity, instead of benefits .

It is important to always remember that snacks for cats they cannot replace the regular feeding of the animals, and should be offered as a gift. Inserting these pleasures very often in the cat’s diet can either contribute to his being obese or cause diarrhea and other problems, since the pet’s body is sensitive and perceives drastic changes in its diet.

Considered by some to be dangerous, this delight can – in its industrialized versions – rely on dyes in its formula, however, the industry focused on the pet food market already has products developed from several specific studies and research, avoiding any kind of problems due to possible chemical components among its ingredients.

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In dressage processes, cat snacks can serve as a valuable tool, as they can be used both as an incentive and as a reward for positive feline behaviors. Currently, homemade recipes of cookies and snacks for cats they can be found easily, allowing even more nutritious properties to be incorporated into the animal’s diet.

In the recreation of the pussy, the snack is also valid and, today, there are already toy options on the market that have special compartments for these small delicacies – such as balls that, when rolled, release the pleasures for the pet – directed mainly at cats who spend a lot of time alone.

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