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The Secrets of Poodle Grooming

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Poodle grooming is very important. Because it is a very hairy dog, it needs constant care so that the hair does not become matted and, in the heat, does not suffer so much.

Some believe that it can carry out Poodle grooming at home, but this is not recommended by veterinarians. To groom a dog, all of them, not just the Poodle, pet shop professionals must take a course. At home, at most we can trim the hair, being very careful not to pull it, which can hurt the dog’s skin. Pet shops specialize in bathing and grooming dogs and cats, so it is always worth having these services to better care for the health and appearance of our pets.

The main types of shears for Poodle

  • Tosa Leão: is the grooming used for the dogs that will be exposed. The Poodle is shorn in the hind legs up to the rib. The muzzle is also clipped up and down, the cheeks, the legs, leaving pompoms. The tail leaving a pompom on the tip.
  • Baby Clip: the hairs are cut, they stay low, but they are still good length, like puppies. This shearing helps to reduce tangled hair, so that many brushing is not necessary for the hair to be well treated.
  • Tosa Summer: When the weather is very hot, the Poodle suffers a lot from the amount of hair. This grooming is the most suitable so that the dog does not feel hot. It practically removes all the hair. Also ideal for older people who need care for wounds and warts.
  • Pompon Tosa: Most used for females, the puppy is shorn and leaves pompoms on the paws, in the syrup and on the tuft. To look like a “madame puppy”.

There are many more types of grooming for Poodle, each day a new fashion, a new trend. So stay tuned, search and choose which one suits your taste, pay a visit to the pet shop and make your puppy luxurious and beautiful!

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ATTENTION: This content is for information only and does not replace consultation with a veterinarian or specialized service. Find a supplier near your home.

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