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Tips to reduce the shedding of the animal’s hair

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Does your pet usually shed a lot of hair around the house, even without being in the changing period? Yeah, hugging him sometimes gets complicated and you even avoid it when you’re in black, right ?! So we came to bring some tips to reduce the shedding of your pet’s hair.

There are some effective ways to solve this problem that work quite well. So, just check out our tips and you will see that it is possible to keep your home clean and without hair.

Correct nutrition (and supplementation if necessary)

Like us, animals also need a nutrient-rich diet. And, according to experts, not all dog and cat food has the right amount. That is, the lack of some vitamins can cause hair loss and other diseases.

Our tip is that you review your pet’s food. If possible, ask a veterinarian for help, as he may recommend supplementation if necessary.

Hair brushing

Brushing your pet’s hair daily or every other day can be one of the best solutions. The big goal is to prevent the hairs from falling out and spreading around the house.

Some dogs need a different brush depending on the type of hair. So, consult with a veterinarian and he will know the best brush to use.

Frequent bathing

Another way to reduce the hair loss of the animal is to give baths frequently. After all, the ‘dead’ hair will fall out during the bathing period. However, it is important to adjust the frequency of bathing to your dog’s breed.

A veterinarian will be able to indicate the ideal frequency and it is important to follow it correctly. After all, excess can lead to dry hair, and consequently can fall even more.


Clipping is a good option for those times of intense fall. However, don’t create so many expectations. It may be that the hair does not stop shedding, usually only the excess shedding that should reduce. But it will be a great help, especially for dogs that have large and full hair.

Well, after our tips to reduce the shedding of the animal, without a doubt, you can embrace your pet without fear.

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