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TOP 10 Favorite Dog Breeds in Brazil

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Nowadays, in Brazil, it is possible to find several breeds of dogs walking in the most varied places, such as parks, shops and streets. We see from popular breeds, such as Poodles and Beagles, to the most rare and unknown in Brazil, such as Welsh Corgis and Tibet Mastiffs. Even in dog breeds, globalization is influential. Popular breeds in other countries, quickly became fever here too.

Some dog breeds they will probably never lose their place in the hearts of Brazilians, like Poodles and Daschund, the famous “salsichinhas”. In this list you will see a good mix of breeds, some already well-known and famous, and others that are arriving little by little, quickly becoming national favorites. Ready to see if your favorite breed is here?

Come on!

10th place – Lhasa Apso

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